How to open blocked websites

Are you having problems like your company had blocked your access, parents has turned on websites blocking, blocked behind office or school firewall. There are many ways to solve this problem. I will show two methods which will help when you have this kind of problems.

1) Change your IP : This is easiest way to bypass websites ip address with this new ip. You will need unblocked anonymous ip address veryday.You can find new anonymous ips by searching on internet. If you need quality and 100% working proxies then you can buy service from my-proxy for a very small price. They send you 1000 working proxies everyday for 1 month. Click here to visit my-proxy.

2) Web Proxy Sites : This is also easy way to bypass websites, but hard part is how to find new proxy sites which will work for you. You can find lots of sites by searching with keyword ‘proxy sites’ but i highly recommend using proxify, this is fast and very secure proxy site. Click here to go to proxify