Some Knowledge About Proxy

Almost all those people who are using Internet in today’s generation have one question in their mind what exactly a proxy is? Proxy is nothing it’s a kind of server based utility which is working like a buffer between your Internet and your computer system. That means whatever the data comes from Internet, first it goes to the proxy server and then the data actually comes on our computer.

There are different types of proxies available today. Here are major 5 types of proxies and some details about each of them:

The first one is Web Proxy. Web proxy means it is mainly used to send and receive traffic over Web. These proxies are used by many of them to block unwanted Internet access like opening some offensive websites. It is also used to control the Internet access.

The second one is Anonymous Proxy. This is a proxy which is generally used to remove identification information of a client. It generally hides your IP address. For example, if you are at work and you want to access MySpace then you can use Anonymous Proxy.

Third type of proxy is Caching Proxy. Caching proxy means it does not contact remote server to send client’s requests. This happens because it has already sent a request to remote server previously. It is normally used to speed up the Internet access.

Fourth one is Forced proxy. It is also sometimes called as transparent proxy. This type of proxy generally forces the client machines to pass their entire request to proxy first and then to Internet. Even clients will not know that they are using such proxy.

Last one is called Open Proxy. This proxy means that anyone can use it. It is generally misused or exploited by spammers. That is the reason why some of the websites does not allow traffic from the some of the well known open proxies.

Now the question is why we should use a proxy? Very simple answer to this question is:

First thing is it improves our Internet browsing speed. Proxies generally have their own database called ‘cache’. Proxy generally stores all the requests and files which are most commonly requested by many of Internet users into this cache. So, whenever the request is made for the content it comes very fast. That’s how it increases the browsing speed.

Another advantage of using proxy is Security and privacy. Generally anonymous proxies hides your IP address so, it helps you to save from vulnerabilities. Even through anonymous proxy you can also browse some contents which are restricted for your country because server administrator has blocked the IP address of your country. So, anonymous proxy can help you in this case.

So, there are lots of benefits of using the proxies. We can use them for multiple purpose. If you want yourself to be familiar with proxies then the best way is to try it out on your own. So, you can understand how they work and what they really do.

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