What Are Proxy Servers and There Types

The word ‘Proxy‘ means, ‘to allow someone else to act on your behalf’. This definition is the underlying principle behind proxy sites.

In order to access the sites on the web, your computer needs to connect with other computers. This connection is made by computers, identifying themselves to one another. One of these identification markers is your IP address. So every time you visit a website, you inevitably provide your information to someone else out there. This is the data that internet marketing companies use, for targeted marketing. Unfortunately, this information can also cause harm in the wrong hands.

Proxy sites save you from this, as they shield your identity. These sites act as a filter between you and the rest of the world. So when you visit any site through the proxy site, your computer does not get directly in contact with that site, thus avoiding the need to provide identifiable information.

This type of proxy that shields your identity on the web is called as anonymizing proxy. People use this proxy for various reasons; it can be to save themselves from malicious websites and it is also used by people on principle to minimize abuse of privacy and ensure freedom of speech. These services can ensure the preservation of constitutional human rights. Some people also use it to get around their workplace firewall. However on the downside these services can also help cover tracks of cyber criminals.

A good proxy site provides this service by using an anonymous proxy sever. These servers are of two types: Disguised Proxy Server and Elite Proxy Server
Disguised proxy servers are not great providers of this service. This is due to the fact that this server reveals to the target site its own identity. This does not mean that it reveals the users identity, however it reveals itself to be a proxy server as it forwards packets with headers like HTTP_VIA or HTTP_FORWARDED. This can result in the identity of the user being revealed.

Elite proxy servers, provide a much better service. These types of servers pretend to be the users themselves, thus not revealing their true nature to the target. It is due to this reason that these types of serves are also called ‘high anonymity proxies’. The service provided by these servers is great but users need to ensure that all cookies are removed from their history. As cookies slip right through the proxy server and reveal the user’s real identity.

Due to the nature of this service, proxy sites get all the data provided by the user. This side effect has given rise to a dangerous phenomenon called ‘Hostile proxy’. This service is provided by a number of rogue sites over the internet. The sole purpose of this sort of a site is the collection of data. This is pretty dangerous for the user, as these sites not only track the websites visited, but they also capture personal data entered into a form.

In short it is only common sense to thoroughly check any proxy site before using it. Make sure that you are aware of their data protection policy. This is necessary to ensure your online safety.

I wish you good luck and hope this article has given you some basic knowledge of proxy sites and proxy servers